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Musical theatre at the Academy of the Sacred Heart is more than just well-rehearsed singing and dancing. It is a fully immersive learning opportunity that provides a platform for students to develop a deeper connection to themselves and others. Our musicals encourage creativity, teamwork, confidence, perseverance, communication, and many more tools that aid them both in and outside of school.  

Studies show that children who are involved in theatre on any level have increased self-esteem and social skills. The musical process here at the Academy of the Sacred Heart compels students to step outside of their comfort zone, build trust, problem-solve, and express their thoughts and ideas in a safe and fun environment. Having the ability to perform in front of an audience promotes confidence that proves useful throughout a child’s lifetime. 

On behalf of the Academy of the Sacred Heart, I encourage you to be a part of the performing arts today!

-Andrea Mouton, MM

Primary and Prep Music Instruction, Director of the Musical


Art Department

Peaches Gulino,                              Fine Arts Department Chair

Andrea Mouton, MM
ASH Primary and Preparatory music instructor

Denzel dawson
upper school choir director

Tanya schulze
lower school fine arts